Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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US Job Zone is a fresh face on job searching and hiring for the United States employment market. We figure it should be straightforward and simple. Look for jobs in the US. Post job openings for the US. No clutter or other junk getting in the way. Just employment and career opportunities in the United States.

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US Job Zone constantly searches the web for job postings from thousands of different employment sources.

We then provide you with a simple to use search interface that allows you to get to job listings that match your needs - fast! No clutter of national ads to get in the way - just fresh job listings from all 50 of the United States. Use the search method that best meets your needs - but start now! Your new job may be just one click away.

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Employers! Post your job opening for just $14 for 30 days!

We’re sure you’ve seen the outlandish fees at other locations - HUNDREDS of dollars to list your job! We think that with the current state of the economy, bringing together employees and those hiring shouldn’t cost and arm and a leg - and it doesn’t here at US Job Zone. For just $14 you can post your position and it will be seen here by job searchers across the United States for 30 days!

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Learn about the specialty job categories that offer the most opportunity.

In any phase of an economy, certain jobs will be in demand.  US Job Zone keeps track of those trends and provides direct access to hundreds of employment opportunities in those areas.  Jobs for veterans, positions with a "bright outlook", openings in the green sector - you'll find them all here.